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TPH Limited

Thermal Printhead Source

Brand comes from concentration

Company Advantage

  • With more than 10 years of experiences in barcode printing field.
  • Multiple patented and integrated with R&D, manufacturing and marketing.
  • Learning organization with a team of strong cohesion.

Product Advantage

  • Highly cost-efficient with direct R&D and manufacturing
  • Sustainable supply for all barcode printer parts is well secured.
  • Sufficient supply and guranteed quality from original source...
  • Product is mult-used in logistics, manuafcuring, medical...
  • The product style design is novel, the manufacture craft is excellent...

Price advantage

  • Factory direct sales, save the intermediate link, the price is more affordable
  • Direct + customization, for your input cost savings 30%-50%, network direct...
  • Self production, marketing, saving from the source, let you enjoy the lowest price

Service advantage

  • Albemarle valley development strategy, based on the diamond quality service...
  • Have a professional post tracking team, for you to answer all kinds of after-sale...
  • Self production, marketing, saving from the source, let you enjoy the lowest price

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About us

TPH Limited focus on manufacturing and selling the barcode printers parts and accessories: thermal printheads, platen rollers, belts, gears, sensors, cables etc.



  • Albemarle Business License
  • Opening permit
  • Organization Code Certificate
  • Tax Registration Certificate
Common problemMORE
Common problems with thermal printheads
High-quality inks generally do not produce permanent plugs. Therefore, some plugs are only false. Generally, the following “plugging” nozzles occur:
How can a print head extend its life
The print head is a delicate and expensive part of the bar code printer and is also a fragile and vulnerable device. It is a depletion product like a
Print character misplacement and crash handling
Causes: First, caused by misalignment of the print head during the transportation or moving of the printer, and then the print head may also cause m

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Sweeping attention

Sweeping attention

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